Be at the top of your game with cost optimisation, real-time analytics and data-driven, intelligent management decisions. Remotely supervise your harvesting process from anywhere in the World, on any Internet connected device

It is high time you forgot about the tons of annoying paper logs or the hundreds of spreadsheets across numerous devices. Enough with the hassle of combining all that data just to be able to analyze your cost and profit. Get all the information you need, effortlessly collected in real time, centrally stored in a cloud-based top-notch software solution

Harvesting Process
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Improve Your Team’s Efficiency and Morale

Know your harvesting costs on the go;

Eliminate human error, theft or abuse;

Motivate your employees by introducing a fair performance-related pay system where each worker knows their wage as soon as they hand over the harvested crop to any of the collection points;

Build trust between the individual departments of your organisation.

Let Technology Work for You Now

Real-time harvest reporting on smart mobile devices, integrated with Bluetooth-enabled scales, barcode printers/scanners and other peripherals;

Real-time quantity/quality control on all collected and transferred products;

Generate and print out collection report receipts and waybills for better traceability;

Automated monitoring and fully customisable analytics of the harvesting process.

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Reliable and secure

Based on cutting-edge technology, adaptable to the specific needs of your harvesting process

Competitive prices and flexible payment models

Competitive pricing
flexible payment models


24/7 professional support in all stages of your agricultural operation

See how Harvest Assistant facilitates and optimises

your crop harvesting process